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Laura, I'm sure I remember reading about Watts in the 80's - no internet then, weird thought now! So it must have been in the British press. I didn't know, though, that he was going to be set free, which is a very frightening thought. I wonder which corner in hell is the hottest and sincerely hope he's in it now!


This is so despicable. I am very angry that he died without confessing. The victims and their families will have no justice now, but more importantly, no answers.

If he committed suicide and that is the REAL reason he is dead, I will feel sick to my stomach. What a selfish psycho.


I am very aware of Coral's brutal past, and his being the first serial killer to come on parole. You won't see this blogger shed a tear over his death. I don't know whether to be happy that he suffered it out in prison for so long or sad that we didn't get to inject the needle ourselves as a state?

Either way...good riddance.


I can only imagine how overjoyed the family members of his victims must feel.

I recall the lone survior of Richard Speck saying how after he died -- she felt that she was finally free of him.

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