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An Avid Reader

Thanks for the reviews. As always very helpful in chosing where to spend (and what to pass on). And thank you for this phrase: "[...] punishing the premeditated murder of the inconveniently pregnant." It condenses one of the oldest motives in the book of life......

su wyatt

Regarding William Heirens. As an avid reader and researcher, his is one of the greatest travesties of Justice I have ever come across.

To say that 'fortunately only a few weeks ago' the parole board again turned down his appeal for parole is a sad reflection of the attitudes which maintain this injustice.

The US has much to reflect on in terms of justice both at home and abroad, today and throughout history. Hardly much to be proud of.

One of it's worst qualities is the capacity to admit when it's wrong. But with such unwavering belief in God-given right to judge, it is little surprise such arrogance admits little room for doubt.

As a U.K citizen, I am disgusted that such a case as William Heirens can still exist in the 21st century in a highly developed society. Only in America !

No trial, farcical, grossly unjust investigation and laughable evidence. Yup, bring on the cheerleaders U.S.

Kevin M. Sullivan

Now Su, take a deep breath. The first step in healing is admitting what is the real problem. As I see it, you are actually in love with the United States, but you, as a citizen of the UK, can't admit it; at least not at the moment. You yearn to be a part of us, and I don't blame you. "Hardly much to be proud of..." Well now, Su, you know better than that. If it wasn't for us you'd be speaking....well, you know!

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