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Trench Reynolds

If I had the $8400 to spend I would definitely get this. I've always been fascinated with the old orders. Especially one that generates so many conspiracy theories.


I was thinking the same, Trench. It's a bit rich for my bank account, though...


The Knights Templar have always intrigued me. I wonder if I could trade a kid for the book?

And Laura!! A book?? How absolutely wonderful!! Congratulations to you.


given the way the church control religious information, it wouldnt suprise me if this is the edited version


No kidding Soobs. Isn't it strange that this is coming out shortly after the Da Vinci Code, new evidence of sketching under The Last Supper, etc. And this "misplaced" version just happens to appear? Kindof makes you wonder what else the Vatican has "misplaced."

Why are they charging $8,000 for a copy? Why don't they just put it on display for all to see?


Caddywompass - great name! The Vatican has Henry VIII's love letters to Anne Boleyn - I'd love to know which particular foreign envoy got hold of them and how he did so!

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