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Jim McCord

Caril Fugate has a book coming out in the near future which will supposedly "prove" her innocence.This begs the question:after 50 years,why?

carole gill

I think Caryl Fugate would like to THINK she was innocent. She may have, over the years fantacized that she really was innocent--hence, the book.
Personally, I think she was as guilty as hell, and hopefully if there's something after this life that awaits us all, some judgement--it awaits her as well.

Jim McCord

Can't say that I disagree with you in regard to C.F.'s culpabiltiy in the killing spree.For that matter I doubt that I will read her book when it's released unless my local library obtains a copy of it.There was opportunity for her to speak up long ago but now with the passage of time whatever she has to say would ring hollow to many readers.It's her call in the end though.On the other hand,there's no question about the role that Starkweather played;so glad you're no longer with us Charlie.

carole gill

So true, Jim. She has a right of course to speak out. I just wonder if she really thinks she was an innocent party. Perhaps she actually does think she was. It's an interesting point to ponder--her real feelings that is. The thoughts she has when she's alone.

Jim McCord

Not sure what her motivation is.Fifty years is an ample amount of time to come up with a story to back her claim.At least that's what I read into her coming forth with "exonerating" information,give me a break.The more I learn about her after she was in custody the less I believe in her innocence.Not to say that Starkweather wasn't the driving force behind the killing spree;he was.But C.F. tipped her hand too many times to the authorities to give the impression that she was not involved at all.Charlie was a cowardly punk who deserved the chair no doubt but Caril should've received a longer sentence than 18 years for her complicity.Many will disagree.It seems that for every person who believes she was guilty there is another who feels that she was an innocent those eight days.She lived while eleven others didn't.I'm counting C.S. in that number but excluding Bobby Colvert,Charlie's first victim.Starkweather gunned him down alone,more than seven weeks before the murders of the Bartlett family.


i know she is innocent

Merle Meyers

Her point is worthless. I am the nephew of Starkweather's and Fugate's last victim, Merle Collison, who died shortly before my birth and after whom I am named. Whether Fugate is guilty or innocent is immaterial now; she is apparently unrepentant. She stood trial and was convicted, and paid the appointed dues. She didn't stop my uncle from being murdered, or my aunt from having to give birth and raise his son, Denny Collison, without a father. This son died in a car accident with two of his half-siblings in 1977, which further grieved my dear aunt who then declined in health and died of a broken heart. Whatever Fugate may have to say, she can say privately, without seeking profit by writing about it. No one needs any further information from her, she has done enough.


Unrepentant? Really? I read and heard her say I'm sorry over and over. I just don't think her story has really been told. She's been careful to not to tell her side of the story in any great detail. That's been the mistake. Maybe she just didn't understand why she didn't run or couldn't run. The 1974 book "Caril" she says that she wants to tell her story once she gets out of prison. In a much earlier interview (1965) she said she wanted to write a book telling her story. Well its 2010 and where is this story. I've ready almost all the things I can get my hands on and I only get bits and pieces. No direct answers to the problems with her story of being forced to go. I've been over all the scenarios in my head and I'm left with more questions. For instance---what about the newspaper clipping found in her pocket after her arrest? If Charlie really did murder her entire family before she came home from school could he have really clean up that well that she wasn't suspicious? I think shootings, and stabbings would have made quite a mess? Surely someone else thought of these questions---why is there not a record of her responses to them. I could go on and on........

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