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Grampa Joe

We're planning to move to Madisonville so I had to buy the book. Can't wait to read it!


You're killing my bank account, Laura! I've just read "Erased"- it should be required reading for all police officers.

Sarah Teague

I am trying to reach Ann Branson's family. I want one of them to join me on August 26 to hang a lavender ribbon on the maple tree at the courthouse here in Madisonville. I am asking Donnie Carroll to officially name that tree..'Heather's Lavender Ribbon Tree'. Each ribbon has Matthew 10:26 written on it and each on claims that 'Heather IS Coming Home'. I need the support of other families that have suffered a loss due to a violent crime. Even though Heather is still missing...and because Heather is still missing, I need your support. Hanging a ribbon with me means that you believe with me that Heather IS coming home and that whatever has been hidden will be revealed. Our hearts are broken and I believe there is power in the unity of a broken heart. August 18, at the city council meeting, the mayor is making a proclamation to declare August 26th Heather's Day. I've had him to change the proclamation to...Because of honor all victims and their families of violent crime. The lavender ribbon tree is a county issue. The city denied me a tree at the park. Please have someone call me if at all possible. 270-824-8343

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