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Isn't this the family that John Norman Collins was investigated over, as he was friends (whatever that dubious word means vis a vis Collins!)with their son? After the Michigan Co-ed murders , I am sure the police questioned Collins about this. I shall get this, thank you, Laura!

cheryl ward

i always wondered is this case was ever solved. i remember the headlines when i was 13.


Having grown up in the area, I remember this event. I was 17 at the time and like everyone else I was shocked. I knew the deputy (undersheriff) who handled the case and remember that after working on the case for a short time, he was directing traffic at the Emmett County Fair when he was fired upon by an unknown sniper. The bullet hitting the roadway near his feet. I also remember who he was seeing on the that episode could've been a jealous husband and not connected to the murders.....Some residents reported hearing Ojibway Drums that day off in the distance referring back to the legend which in part meant someone had been killed in the area....and I've always heard the rumors about who ended up with Mrs. Robinson's expensive jewelry....

thanks, awesome stuff :D
Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted

Lisa Alloju

This is one examples of perfect crime. No traces of evidences, either circumstantial or whatever. I can't believe how ruthless the people who killed them.

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