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That's great, Laura, and so it is for the guy who runs "Executed Today". I've kept the link too - well worth exploring! I'm so glad you're still blogging - so many others are shutting down :-(

Laura James

Thanks for your nice note, Fiz.

Yes, one of my favorite blogs (CrimeRant) is mothballed, and others have found other things to do. I don't think I'm going anywhere. It's too much fun to write this -- and I love getting notes (and free books) from authors and fans. So CLEWS will be around for the forseeable future. . . .


Inspector Winship

You mean my blog didn't make it? I'll have to fire my PR firm. Congratulations Laura. As long as you keep writing, you'll have a permenant spot on my feed burner. Of course if you stop writing I'll likly keep you on my feed burner...I'm so lazy. Hmmmm...Maybe that's why I didn't make it :)

Executed Today

Well-deserved, Laura. (And thanks for the gratuitous shout-out here as well...)

I'm glad you're going to keep on keeping on. Executed Today is coming up on a year ... of ... daily ... content (pant) ... so I'm totally in awe of CLEWS' longevity-frequency-readability combination.

(Thanks to Fiz as well, while I'm here ... early readers are like gold.)


Late reading about your inclusion in the best 100 list by the ABA, but congratulations! Keep up the great work you do here.

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