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Kevin M. Sullivan

I like Bugliosi as a writer, and you have to have respect for him as the lead prosecutor of Charles Manson, but he's way off base with this thing with Bush. Does he have any idea what such a thing would do to the country? Bush, I believe, should not have gone into Iraq, but believe me, he, and we, had every right to do so. Saddam was not living up to the UN mandates, his troops were constantly shooting at our aircraft, and he was refusing to comply in areas of importance.

True, we have lost people in the war and subsequent occupation of the country; but that, my fellow Americans, is what happens when force is used, and once there, we couldn't cut-and-run, as they say.

Why Bugliosi is heading down this path is anyone's guess, but I think the old boy perhaps isn't quite what he used to be. And as far as this attorney general wanna-be, well, what better way to get your name out there.


I can't get the links to open! How ill is poor Mr Dunne? And Diane up for parole - that scares me on so many levels!

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