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Flexed my new bank card last night and bought this. Only I do wish it was non-fiction. And I wish I read German! It would have been nice if the 1975 book had been translated, and there's another 1979 book I want, "Stefanie" about Grand Duke Rudolf's widow (Of Mayerling fame), which is only available in German :-(

craig henry

Strange that she moved the date of the murders from 1922 into the 1950s.


Oh, you're kidding! I wish I hadn't bought it now.


EWWW! I wonder why she did that? To appeal to baby boomers? To call on her own childhood?
Maybe I oughdda stick to nonfiction after all.
Fiz - please share your report!


I will, if it ever arrives!


It's written in the historical present, which I loathe as a style. I'm not very intersted so far ...

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