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How about the Jeffrey McDonald case?

carole gill

good suggestion
would make an interesting poll.


That's an excellent suggestion.

I will have to word it carefully; there are strong feelings on that case, which technically is still pending, and providing two or three reasonable alternatives to gauge opinion won't be easy.

The results will be very interesting, as will the comments.

I'm open to suggestions on wording the poll!


Maybe it doesn't have to be that complicated. It could be as simple as: Do you believe that Jeffrey McDonald is murdered his family?

Possible answers:

I think it's possible, but the facts have become so distorted, I'm not sure.
I think that there's no way we will ever know for sure.
I think he's been railroaded all of these years.
I believe Joe McGinnis all the way.

Note: That last answer should get you a LOT of comments, lol.

I don't know how easily you can set up the poll, but if you provide a couple of absolutes and a maybe or maybe not or both, you should be able to cover everyone.



How about 'Do you believe Anne Rule was right in identifying artist Walter Sickert as the real Jack the Ripper? ' The case has fascinated me for years, and I would love to know what others think.



Mare, It's Patricia Cornwell, not Ann Rule, who tried to make a case for Sickert-as-Ripper. Though I greatly admire her writing & personal expenditures of money & time in this investigation, she is completely nonobjective & Really stretches the facts to fit her hypothesis...Her work is absolutely rejected by real Ripperologists.

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