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A Voice of Sanity

"Girls priced to sell"? At very high prices looking at the girl, dress, makeup and jewelry. That's no crack ho!

Kevin M. Sullivan

Ted Bundy loved how the women were portrayed in these old detective magazines. For Ted, there was nothing quite the equal of a woman tied up and in trouble. It served his fantasy life well.


I always hated them because they bought into making the female a victim or "asking for it" and I knew that sickos would like them. I complained to the UK versions and we always get photo montages from differnt crime sites on the covers now.

carole gill

Fiz, you're right.
I remember, not that many years ago, these U.K. mags were still using the woman in jeopardy covers.
As recently as the 1990's I believe the covers had women tied up and looking scared.
It was really awful.
At least, as you say, they have a montage now and have done away with those horrendous covers.
And the thing that sticks in my head about how out of place those kinds of covers are is the photo I saw in the book, Rope. The book about Harvey Glatman. Actually there were a few photos in that book. Pictures he took of his victims tied up before killing them.
Horrible stuff.

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