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Brett Woosley

Hi Laura, Well i hope you will investigate Rule's book "heart full of lies" it is a biased book of lies and misinformation by Anne Rule. The seattle Weekly has recently documented this. Also see my blogs on "mystery, murder and mayhem". I am very interested in crime writing abuses such as this. Rule's career maybe in jeapardy....NOEXIT


I wanted to add that I wrote extensively on this book and detailed Ann Rule's misinformation even before Swart wrote about it. I have also clearly demonstrated her confusion when it comes to basic psychological understanding.I have dissected her misunderstanding of the DSM and personality disorders. Now How are True Crime writers to be held responsible? This is a very important question. Ann Rule just happened to be unmasks by the Seattle Weekly- independent investigation.... clearly lying to make a story. This was fortunate but really lucky due to the circumstances of the story. Now she is going after Ron Reynolds with more shaky theorizing in her new book. Are not other True crime writers a bit embarrassed and outraged?

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