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Language is beautiful when written like that.


Ohhh! Marie hasn't got it, neither has another crime seller I ocassionally use and ABE hasn't got any Pearson at all - what the heck?


OK - is that the title of the book, or the title of the essay, please, Laura? - ABE does have them but not that title.

Laura James

Good morning Fiz,
To Meet Miss Madeline Smith appears in Classic Crimes by Wm Roughead.

Another friend made a Roughead index, a comprehensive list of the essays he's written and where they appear, but I haven't laid hands on it - yet.


OK, I found a 1951 copy of a hardcover (we call them hard backs) "Classic Murders"! Roll on the postman!


Thanks for answering Laura, but I was in such a state I had to track it down and buy it or I would die of frustration. You know the feeling, re books?!

Laura James

Is this your first Roughead book? !
I envy you the joy of discovery.


I'm not sure,Laura! I buy so many. I think I have read several prefaces he wrote to the "Notable Scottish/British Trial" series, but I think it might be the fist.


No, it isn't. I've got Malice Domestic.

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