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I don't know what happened to my original comment before the update here. I'll just repeat I'm interested in a true crimers group or room or list or whatever. I don't need plot points solved, I need to talk about public records difficulties and so forth. That's why.


Now that I have time to think about the subject, I wonder if including True Crime under the aegis of the MWA isn't a step in the wrong direction. The MWA is, after all, an organization for fiction writers. Good fiction is good fiction and there is nothing wrong with that, but true crime is history and as such should be approached with the same standards and intellectual rigor as any other historical writing. It might be better for the genre were a separate True Crime Writers organization formed.

Opposing viewpoints welcome, I'm just ruminating.
I emphatically do not, by the way, volunteer to spearhead the creation of such an organization.

Laura James

Yes, Camille, I accidentally deleted your thoughtful comment when I was revising the post. I'm so sorry about that!

Joan, I have wondered too whether MWA is really an appropriate umbrella group and think it is definitely something that could be debated with good points on either side.

On the one hand, there are already MANY true crime writers in MWA. A lot of very famous true crime writers have penned both fiction and non-fiction. Two that come to mind right off the bat: Harold Schechter and Gregg Olsen. And MWA has been giving out an award for the true crime genre for decades now. The structure is already set up, and such a group could get going right off the bat.

But, yes, there are some downsides to being a subgroup of a fiction organization. Would it be viewed as as an ugly stepsister?

In the final analysis, I think it would be very tough to get a true crime group off the ground if we tried to build it from scratch. I'm not quite sure that any one person would have the cachet to pull it off and make a success of it, let alone the time.


I am not philosophically opposed to a separate group. But the realities are that if you don't watch out, you end up paying enough yearly dues to so many different places you could bail out Wall Street. MWA has plenty already going for it and it seems optimal to me to try build on its assets.

And I, also, emphatically do not volunteer for spearheading!

All my adoration goes to those who do!

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