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Well done, Laura! Let's hope things come right for Father Robinson. I don't for a moment believe he should have been convicted, from what you have written about the case. Congratulations on the book. I can't afford to buy anything now my husband's lost his job, and it's half killing me.


as a close friend of father robinson i have been following your every word on this case and really apppreciate your efforts. now i have a question for you, you mention that the dna from the finger nail clips is blood. is it a fact that it is blood? and why was this never mentioned by the prosecution?
please keep up your efforts. believe me, a lot of people are depending on you and grateful for your persistence.

tom robakowski



It is a fact she had blood in her fingernail clippings. It is not hers. It is not Father Robinson's.

The Court of Appeals opinion makes it crystal clear. On page 21 of the opinion, the Court of Appeals of Ohio wrote: "The [fingernail] clippings were swabbed and tested for the presence of blood and at least one of them tested positive. The blood was not appellant's [Father Robinson's]. A small amount of DNA was extracted from the clippings. As with the blood, the DNA was excluded as being appellant's."


Why does the prosecutor refer to the source of the DNA as "cellular material" instead of blood? Good question.

arthur walker

food for thought,that Dna will belong to a 18 yr. old construction worker in the 1980 time frame.the key to his identity will be possible on the police interview list.
theres a probability that robinson knew him.or he even confessed to the priest.
if you can believe the smoke and mirrors prosecution.
the facts shouldn,t be all that hard to swallow.
i have found over the years it,s next to impossible to convince the convinced.
i,ve given you the key to the puzzle at least the question becomes do you believe there wasn,t enough evidence to convict or do you believe as i do he is incapable of this act.
i think it,s just a matter of time before some more pieces of the puzzle surface.
if i can find the right people and ask the right questions and they don,t look at me like i have a horn growing in the middle of my forehead,theres hope.

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