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Holy Toledo

Okay . . .

Swiatecki ruled out as a match on the miniscule DNA found . . . no surprise. His alibi was corroborated by several people.

NOW -- Coral Eugene Watts ruled out as a match on the miniscule DNA found . . . again no surprise. We find out now that even the current defense team did not expect it to match.

As I've written before, when and if, this defense team goes after the diocese investigative records then I'll consider Robinson's innocence.
I've always thought that he was involved, but I'm willing to consider that he didn't act alone.

I wonder if the defense team had considered Fr. Chet Warren. It seems that from the prosecution's previously published witness list that they considered Warren to have some connection.


Its a very odd case and the conviction does not seem to be based on evidence at all. You don't convict on a plausible story only.To get free it looks like he needs to find proof that another person did it. I am not sure thats possible or fair. The West Memphis 3 spring to mind and an overzealous jury looking for a conviction based on emotion and not fact.

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