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I loved (when I wasn't feeling ill with repulsion!) the Road out of Hell, and was overwhelmed by Sanford Clarke's courage and goodness after he went back to Canada. I've also just read the history of Gordon Steward Nothcott, the serial killer responsible for Sanford's torture and whole predicament, called "Nothing is Strange With You" after an answer Sanford gave to Northcott, who was fool enough to act as his own attorney in his own murder trial. Both are excellent books. I loved yours, too, Laura, but did not like Zeo Zoe at all annd wondered which enemy would get her first! Good job, what's your next book? Do do Marie Tarnowska, especially after what her so-called relative wrote here last year!


Angels of Death by Julian Sher and William Marsden....I'll never look at another biker OMG (Outlaw Motorcycle Gang)the same way again.


Hey Fiz,

I am oh about halfway done with La Tarnowska. I did meet a descendant of Count Tarnowsky, fascinating. Though (maybe you'll understand this) I find the whole story intimidating. Because I'm American, this is a Continental story... it's hard to explain!
thanks for your nice notes as always

Hey Beepath.... thanks for the recommendation - haven't heard of that title before.

Kevin M. Sullivan

Hey Laura--

I picked up a copy of Angels of Death at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville last month. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I have scanned it, and it looks very good indeed, as it shows the violent inner-workings of these gangs. I suppose one could say they're the blue-collar version of the mob, and every bit as lethal. And it's nothing like Hunter Thompson's look at the Hell's Angels back in the late '60's 0r early '70's (I can't remember the actual publication date) but that work is very good also.


I think I can understand Laura, because unless it's a very well-known case, I know very little about most recent US crimes and I don't want to walk in and put my feet all over something I know much about! You must say when Marie is getting ready to be published, because I do want to read it!

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