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Sharlene Martin, Martin Literary Management

Quite a formidible list. When does MWA announce the nominees that have made the cut?


Hi Sharlene, the finalists are going to be announced any day now. I'll keep an ear out!

Tom Levenson

Thanks for compiling this. It came as a complete surprise to see my book (Newton...) on the list, and it is intimidating to realize that it shares that place with a formidable set of companions.


Congratulations, Tom, because being nominated is a nice nod from your publisher (and it shows that your publisher has its act together, natch). The Edgar committee seems to have a very strong preference for historicals, so keep your fingers crossed eh!

Kevin M. Sullivan

I think we all need to keep our fingers crossed, LOL!

Tom Levenson

Both pairs x-ed, of course. ;)

Kevin M. Sullivan

Indeed, Tom. Indeed.

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