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Robert Wilhelm

As a male reader of true crime books I did not find this study convincing or very useful. Yes, women seem to be drawn to true crime books more than men but I still don’t know why. I think the questions themselves skewed the results. Regardless of the statistics, I find it hard to believe that anyone ever read a murder book as an instruction for avoiding murder.

The point they missed is that a crime book is not about the crime itself. It’s not about the gory details; it is about the events that led to the crime and what happened as a result. Most importantly it is about the people involved. A good true crime book has the same attributes as a good fictional mystery except, because it is true, it is less predictable.

Judy Lewin

I am writing a true crime story and would never in a million years guess a woman would read my book to find out how to avoid murder. This is just a guess, but women maybe sleuths by nature - but we want to read about it or study it. We ask the questions and are not satisfied until we get answers! I agree with Robert, the questions skewed the resultx.


Why do women read true crime?
Because we can!


Speaking as a female true crime reader, I can only say this study hardly applies to me. My main interest in the genre lies in the cases that are unsolved--or, at least, have a lot of unanswered questions. I suppose I'm just a frustrated Dupin wanna-be at heart.

I'm also interested in cases that reveal particular historical or psychological insights--some TC writer (was it Edmund Pearson?) once made some comment to the effect that certain crimes provide a unique sociological snapshot, and that's certainly the case. Some of the older crime stories provide you with historical insights you just can't get anywhere else.

Kelly Banaski-Sons

I must be the wierdest true crime reader of all.Not only will I read every true crime book I come across but I will most definetly read a mob book and turn right around and pick up Ann Rule's latest. Nor do I read them for the survival tips. I read them because the criminal mind fascinates me. I dont know how much more simple to put it.

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