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Robert Cerra

When Governor Dukakis made a public speech regarding the Sacco and Vanzetti case he used some of the evidence from the case as props. I was a Massachusetts State Trooper at the time and I was assigned to guard the evidence. I knew the ballistician, he knew of my intertest in the Sacco Vanzetti case and before the speech began he unlocked the display case and handed me the weapon which I examined for several minutes.
a minor event which has stayed with me for many years.

Prior to this the ballistician had been ordered to conduct a ballistic test on the Sacco amd Vanzetti weapon for an author who was writing a book on the case. The ballistician refused to conduct the test. The story surrounding his refusal is another episode.

Bob C.

Mark Grossman

With all due respect to those allegedly in the know, I have been studying the Sacco and Vanzetti case for years, and have concluded that 1) Sacco was most definitely one of the killers of the two guards, and that 2) Vanzetti either knew of the killings or was involved in getting rid of the car used in the killings.

Several years ago, a letter surfaced from one of the lawyers involved in the defense of the two accused killers, stating that he knew both men were guilty but that the state had tried to allegedly "manufacture evidence" against them. None of this alleged manufactured evidence was ever revealed. But the fact that one of the lawyers for the men admitted that his clients were guilty is quite important.

Dukakis showed that he was a simpleton and a fool by issuing a pardon. He went along with the standard left wing pap that Sacco and Vanzetti were innocent, sort of the way the Left cries that the Rosenbergs were innocent. In fact, none of them were innocent, but don't tell that to their leftist supporters.

90 years on, Sacco and Vanzetti's convictions remain upheld. Their place as two murderers who tried to escape justice through some phony ideological charge is just that: phony. They got what they deserved. Let us instead remember the two men who lost their lives to these anarchist murderers: Paymaster Frederick Parmenter and security guard Alessandro Berardelli. May THEY rest in peace.


I do find "Clam Chowder" very tempting, Laura, even though I'm allergic to shellfish! I just wish it wasn't quite so expensive, plus being a web publishers, would they even ship it to the UK? I do prefer my murder gas-lit, I have to say!


Incidentally, how's your Russian friend doing these days?

James Livingston

Update on Amy Bishop: a grand jury has delivered a murder indictment for her shooting and killing her brother in Braintree in 1986. There is no statute of limitation on murder.

In response to Mark Grossman's comments above, I can assure him that Michael Dukakis is not a simpleton and not a fool (although he certainly was a very ineffective presidential candidate). His 1977 proclamation did not declare that Sacco and Vanzetti were innocent, but simply that they were not given a fair trial, a conclusion on which most experts who have studied the trial transcripts and later legal documents agree. Whodunit still remains unclear.


"Clam Chowder" is going to be published in the UK! Yay! Just a bit happy!


No it isn't! Just got an email from Amazon - argh!


Interesting! A sensational story, packed with twists and fascinating revelations. The murder trial of Mary Alice sheds unexpected light on the Gilded Age, and in the future will make us all think twice about clam chowder

FertilAid Reviews

What's with the letter Fiz?


What's with your advert,FertilAid Reviews? At least I'm on topic, instead of trying to sell snake-oil via a friends website! They are now saying Amazon co might be stocking it in January. However I'm going to be really poor as we are in the middle of buying a labrador puppy and she's going to be my anniversary, birthday and Christmas present!


Well, I finally got it and read it and it really wasn't as good as it could have been. What a shame!

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Jeffrey Bloomfield

Incredibly I had heard the story about the poisoned chowder case thirty years ago. I was studying library science and was writing a paper on the career of Henry Bliss, whose library catagorizing system is a rival's (of sorts) to Mevil Dewey's. Bliss was the half-brother of the perpetrator, and son of the Victim. I noted the case at the time, but as it has nothing to do with library catagorization I did not discuss it in my paper. I was surprised Edmund Pearson (who was a librarian) never wrote of it.

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