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Welcome back. I've missed your updates.


The bio of Winnie Ruth Judd isn't new -- it came out about fifteen years ago. It was an OK book -- I wouldn't recommend it highly.

I grew up in Phoenix in the 50s and she was often in the news, because she would escape from the state asylum on a regular basis.

In the 30s, when the murders happened, it was standard for women and children to leave town to go to the mountains for the summer, leaving the men to be what were called 'summer bachelors' and to behave, in many cases, not as well as might be wished. Winnie and her friends/victims were girlfriends of some prominent local men. The common wisdom in Phoenix at the time was that Winnie took the fall for somebody.

After reading the book I concluded (unlike the author) that Winnie did it -- she admitted it when there was no longer any reason to lie -- but that possibly others were involved. But who knows?

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