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Robert Wilhelm

The main difference between H.H. Holmes and Harry Hayward (aside from the volume of Holmes’ work compared to Hayward’s) is that Holmes killed for pleasure and Hayward killed for money. Though he killed without remorse, Harry Hayward’s motive was always theft or insurance fraud.

As for “the earliest identifiable American serial killer,” in 1799 the Harpe brothers murdered 40 men, women and children between Virginia and Illinois. And I’ll bet they weren’t the first.

Mark Grossman

I hate to tell you this, but before Harry Hayward there was Edward Ruloff, who murdered his wife and son, and, after somehow being released from prison, went on to a life of crime; during a robbery, he killed a store owner, for which he was put to death in New York in 1871.

Hayward is interesting, but if a serial killer is someone who kills three people, Ruloff came before Hayward.

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