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Holly Bracy


A book about Alice called "The Temptress" has just been released, written by Paul Spicer. Ca't wait to read it.


Backtracking through the Alice de Janze link to the CLEWS entry on her, Madame Steinheil, Mata Hari, Madame Caillaux and Madame Bassarabo -- I found a French newspaper account of the final moments of the latter's trial.

La Bassarabo was found guilty. The jury noted extenuating circumstances (although it came out in the course of the trial that, curiously, her first husband, "a Mexican called Jacques," was found shot to death). She got 20 years' hard labor.

Apparently her daughter was implicated, and Madame Bassarabo's plea to the jury, while affirming her own innocence, was to spare her daughter:

"A woman must stay young. Punish the old woman, she has had her youth. She has lost it in work, in the performance of her duty ... She is guilty because she is old ..."

The jury agreed and acquitted the daughter.

Camille Kimball

Congratulations on turning over 7 zeroes! I know I happily contributed a few of them!

Lori (Psychotic State Book Reviews)

Love this site, so happy you're here.


Love this site, so happy you're here.

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Paul Drexler

What a wonderful site you have. I developed the Crookstour of San Francisco along with Kevin Mullen, Ret Deputy Police Chief of San Francisco and author of 4 books on SF crime. I'm starting a series on Crimes of the neighborhood in San Francisco, highlighting interesting or notorious crimes in San Francisco's non tourist areas.
I'll also be posting aa challenging SF Crime Quiz.

Paul Drexler

Cime Question
San Francisco cannnot compete with Los Angeles in celebrity criminals. In our town it is often the relatives of celebrity serve as victims and criminals, e.g. Lana Turner's father, killed in a card game. By a strange coincidence two of the most famous dancers in the early 20th century were from the SF Bay Area had close relatives who were notorious criminals. Can you name them and their nefarious relatives?
obscure hint #1 - These dancers hated each other

Economico Moncler

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