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Clews - the Podcast!


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CLEWS: The Podcast is coming soon to your favorite platform! Featuring the very best of the true crime genre - stories. Books. Authors. Reviews. Interviews. 


Covid woke me up. I quit practicing law to resume my true crime studies full-time from my private library near Ann Arbor. After months of searching for the ideal audio expert, I found a four-leaf clover in Boston. The CLEWS podcast is expertly engineered by Christopher Robert Ray of CounterpointSoundWorx.

If you are an author with a book in the theme - kindly advise by email, [email protected]

CLEWS is solely for non-fiction murder stories, with a preference for historical cases; the culturally significant; domestic murders. Let's talk about our favorite genre -- true murder stories -- the biggest bestsellers in literature since 1621. 

Laura James


#true crime


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